The Two Deutsche marks of West Germany

Welcome back friends, today we're gonna have a look at some East German coins so this is a sort of like an unboxing it is so from my favourite dealer I bought a group of coins I can't remember how much actually paid for them probably like 15 to 20 dollars but unique winner actually wanted was this five ma coin and the rest of mine have a nice celebration.

I have a nice beautiful city it would have been quite a few of these in themselves they cost about between five and ten dollars but I simply continually selling them then we have another five mark coin and look at the beautiful coat of arms of East Jimmy beautiful hammer and compass Deutsch which means GermanDemocritus you know you should know new channel republic means and on the back we just have the 20 years of the DDR so since 1949 Yara is the year in Germany.

TD are Dutch Democratic Republic so spongy yada Deutsche the Democratic Republic and this coin actually had a miniature fifty moon so it's actually quite common if you're gonna need an example this coin probably get in uncirculated one and probably cost I know same five or ten dollars and this one probably costs a bit less but I'm not too sure on its values and then so as you can see I've arranged them in order and you can see we have a 1 5 10 Finnick20 Fenig which was issued later 50pfennig one mark into the mark and as you can see the early coins from 1956 and1957 with two markers in Deutsche marks and in the 1960s actually changed it to mark off the so it's I think the official name is marked their DDR so a mark of the German Democratic Republic u-20.

Fenigwas he shooting on in 69 so these ones are first issued in 1948 d1 five and ten see them up there and d50 was issued in 1958 through the place at aluminium-bronze coin and apparently the twentyFenig was issued so you can use them in actual telephone public telephones which I say they're actually still around but people generally don't use them unless they are actually on unemployment in which it's probably cheaper than the mobile phone so we have a mint marks and Mercy's of a mint mark which coin doesn't have a mint mark oh no-no there is some no I can remember this.

I don't know that one doesn't they meet mark maybe a 1969 or this one doesn't but on the earlier coins you considered design differences it just says doctrine so Germany and five fine and if we have look at the other side so the earlier coins have ACOG and a wheat sheaf seeds and the second one has the hammer and the compass that accompanied the later version but had wheat on the side and the last version actually had the hammer and compass, yeah but the week was going around in a general normal communist fashion which occurred on most communist countries that adopted a new coat of arms.

There's a few exceptions like CzechRepublic and Poland think Albania as well but these ones are actually quite common and it wasn't unto these 60s that they actually replace these coins bar coins with the actual coat of arms and if we have a look at this coin this one actually from a set so you can see its actually quite shiny it's been damaged a bit but the quality of the actual coin the sharpness of the actual image the minting and the shininess the sharpness off the edge as well you can see that it's just a higher-quality coin that they would actually have useful circulation.

So this one I'm pretty sure actually come from a set and then we have the five finning this one probably comes from the set as well it's also sharp and there is this coin this is actually a general circulating coin in high-quality condition but they'll be damaged but it's just a little bit dull a coin of this quality should still have its mint lustre so with aluminium this is this mint lustre and if we compare it to the actual coin that's from the set you can actually see the actual differences okay so this one reflects this one does not Stahl so that's generally the difference between aluminium coins come from sets and those issued for circulation.

So I didn't expect thatactually and then we have 1968 and 1986five innings as you can see the actualleafies are smaller on the later coinsand the one is also smaller and so the lettering and if we turn it to decode ofarms you can see that coat of arms andlater coins are actually smaller as well and this one's probably from set two so that's quite nice oh do you like East German coins interesting.

 I like German coins in general but you know a lot of people actually like these coins so this is a race penny they meet mark 1941 with the swastika on it so these ones actually pretty cop popular and these ones actually quite expensive so own race mark 934 and thisone is the a meet max of Berlin and compared to these silver coins this one's a bit more expensive it's made anickel in this probably cost abouttwenty to thirty dollars each so they're actually not too cheapI did sell one if you've been a month ortwo ago for fifteen bucks but then I looked at it and that was the extracheapest that was on eBay so that'sthat's more or less anyway.

So why wouldthey have actually been expensive one theory is that these were actually hoarded because I were just nickel so, people just said no these are not really going to be worth much even if lcurrency becomes inflated which silveris always worth the bullion value sopeople didn't actually keep these coinsand a lot of these because our high value I fit the wage is about five H max per day well that's just from memory Icould be wrong but it's probably around about

So just would have been alot of money and a lot of people we'restill in poverty so they actually wouldn't have kept the actual coin andlike the do I have any other ones thevitamin eggs this one in this conditionand also the aluminium-bronze would haveactually been kept because it's quite a low value coin and same with these theseGermans it's a lot of these wereactually keptso in 1990 East Germany reunited withWest Germany and become Germany and theWest German constitution but if therewas any crimes or anything that wasactually committed prior to doreunification now those people wereprosecuted under the East German constitution which was pretty developedthat actually wasn't really obeyed bythe actual government that's why a lotof a lot of those people who tried toget to the West but they were shot orinjured and the perpetrator wasprosecutor afterwards.

They'll prosecute and the East German law so that's whatI've read anyway and so in 1990 does easy to replace it at first for or for some values at one to one then I think three to one for higher values to reduce the amount of currency that was actually in circulation so this would have been equivalent to two Deutsche marks of WestGermany so I have a to Deutsche mark on the table, yes they do so the coin size is actually quite similar so here's the extra size 979 this one circulated to2002 and you can still change these ones at the actual blintz Bank for face value in euros so I think it's about one euro a little bit more but this one you can exchange at the bank in him officer these ones are no longer legal-tender which is a pity a lot of people actually hold onto so running Israeli worth collectors values and it's muted and a lot of these are actually melted down as well so that's why East German coins are so cheap with German coins.

The current German coin shouldn't be cheap Accords now you can still exchange them for face-value so there shouldn't at least behind in fates pay you so anyway there it's my rant on East German coins if you have any comments these are sorry leave it down below and also have an awesome coin collecting time it's a thank you very much reading my view I'll leave a link down below to each German coins on eBay and have a good one thank you and bye bye

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