Thailand's New Banknotes with values

Hello, fellow collectors this is Azubuike back with another post and today we're gonna have a look at some Thai banknotes. We've got four banknotes over free series we have the earliest series that I've got from the late 90s to 2000 in 2010they need 2010 to 2018 series and then we've got 220 2019 series and they are actually current banknotes so if we have a look we have the 25 banknotes so this is equivalent to about one Australian dollar and it has Rama the temp.

So here's the current king I believe he's in his 60s cut remember offhand and he actually took over as king I believe in2017 so a year after his father passed away curious thing about these spent notes is the serial number so you've got one serial number in Latin alphabet in Arabic numerals even though they're Arabs don't actually use them and you got one in Thai so you've got Tyneumbers any Thai alphabet.

 I can't remember how many lives were in the toy off of it but if we have a look at this is 8 and it also has 8 here 8 and this one has B maybe I should actually use no one oh no no no no no wrong Bankno okay just this one there's 8 b8beyond both banknotes as you can see 8band then it's got another one 8 bends in the actual numbers but this one up here has got its got 8, but the Thai letters are actually separate.

The Thai alphabet and the Latin alphabet actually change over at different times so this would actually give the banknotes instead of like there's like26 times the moon so 26 million then times 10 that's 260 million and then you got, however, number banknotes you'll get from this high alphabet so you got 260million plus and I have probably three hundred and sixty-four hundred and sixty million and have a lot of banknotes.

So really if you're increasing the banknote lots that can be printed anyway that would actually reduce the like they do in Japan when Japan actually runs at a banknotes actually changed the colour of the serial numbers so currently they'reblue previously a dark brown and the first issued er was black and in China what they do is that when I run out they just changed the alphabet sequence in the number sequence as the first four.

So forgot two letters and two numbers and they just change those around this it seems to be more you can actually print more banknotes in they can and semi other countries and as you can see these ones actually a lot better than the previous ones because this one's fully green which you can make it stand out from the other denominations and also the size has actually changed as will watermark is barometer 10and the good thing about a 2018 series is that it has all the king's form of the first was one of the first runs with a second and on the 50 you've Rama2/3 and rum and the fourth on the 100.

 I'm at a fifth and six on the five hundred seven and eight and only 1000 which is a heist animation with Rama the night and 10 so arcade that's a really good series maybe I should actually click these banknotes actually was not going to but its actually quite nice so here we have a European trading ship Thailand actually pretty much tried to modernize during the eighteen hundreds and 1900 and here we have some looks like at the palace what that looks like the King and some his followers and here we have more modern architecture of Thailand so actually quite a nice banknote people screaming outside.

So the previous series which you can probably still get in circulation is this series so this is the hundred and as you can see it actually differs from the series that if you're placed in 2010 but this one that has a whole little portrait of around by the ninth who passed away in 2016 they all have the coat of arms of Thailand up there need Thai numerals so one zero and also 100 because a lot of tourists actually go to Thailand and on the back, we have King tough seen the great and here is his statue of him on ahorse the equestrian statue and here we have another building can't remember what that was and we have a temple and this is his name up here and this is when he reigned so that's in the Buddhist bank which I can't remember what the actual Western lady so should write down beforehand.

Well, I've got some information and we have the auto series you probably won't get these in circulation Kazi's went out in 2010um there's still no series of God this is actually I have the full series of this so I'll do a video on that and on this side we have our round my abolishing slavery and I couldn't actually find a date so it should be1800 sometimes so a lot of people thinking I mean America had slaves on whatever artists know lots of European countries had slaves lots of Asian and African countries had a slave in North andSouth American countries.

The Indian had slaves mines had saves Chinese had slaves the Mughal Empire hadslavesslavery was pretty much a common featurefor the 19th century when there wasmirrors by people who actually hadempathy to get rid of it which is goodthing and that is him being um just agood man said Rama defeat and he actually was tagged the beat King 1864 I mean somewhere around like 1800s anywayit's a nice banknotevery old one but which one do I like thebest.

So actually like the new series thebest that's the point nice what wouldyou be paying for this actual banknoteswell because these two actually currentseries you'd probably be paying 50percent to 100 per cent over face valueso probably oh is that right probablyfifty per cent two hundred per cent overface for you depends upon who youactually get it from that sceneuncirculated so you probably pay adollar fifty to three dollars for a 20Bank 20 uh but this one's worth abouttwo dollars fifty you probably pain Iknow between four and six dollars for that in non-secular condition if you get Thailand you can get.

I spare you this one's reefer be $45face value depending on the exchange rate I'll go by 20 bucks $1 over five bucks paying probably been eight to ten dollars for that if you buy off a website this one's an older Bank night series it's not too hard to get your-circulating you're probably paying probably bit into put into all this of it you know its circulated if you pay more than that then it's overpriced and the order the banknotes actually get the more expensive that would get so like in 50yearsthis one actually costs a lot more than13 dollars to buy in uncirculated condition probably twenty to thirty dollars I would say because the population will grow collectors numbers would increase and also the number of banknotes would have been set.

So there's a limited resource price is increased to reflect that so I hope you like these banners actually twice a nice series all of them but the best ones are the current series you know I like to say thank you very much for reading my post I appreciate you all thank you and bye-bye.

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