Biafra expensive banknote

Hello, fellow Banknote collectors how you going today this is Zubby and today we're gonna have a look at the Biafra expensive banknote so I did do a post before about the one pound Banknote but today I have two different ones.

I do have two 1 p.m. This is from 1968 and then we have the 5 pounds from 1969 so let's have a look at the first banknote1968 one and then she couldn't see it actually has a palm probably a coconut palm yes son so this is actually part of the coat of arms of Biafra and the flag was black red and green and this part was on the black pop.

It's on the black part yeah black top ring in the middle green in the bottom I hope I got that right. Well I nearly had that right I had the red and green mixed up so that's the actual flight there now you can see the sun it's actually pretty much the same so this is actually quite a hard banknote to get and the value of these banknotes is probably about twenty dollars for this series and only ones useful one year until it was replaced by the other series which is this one.

This is actually quite a bit of series these ones are uncirculated you talking about two to three dollars for we've got most of them you probably get something like a dollar 50 but I wouldn't pay anything over three dollars for this banknote yeah so that's the one we're talking about the one pound.

This one is a lot rarer and as you can see they tried to put in a security Fred but as Nigeria's not a recognized country I'm not too sure who actually produce these banknotes look like they were just produced by any local printers or some type of printer and on this site, we actually have the coat of arms of Biafra and as you can see has a leopard and on the bottom of the shield so this top of the shield black so we are black red and green there and there are the cloak horseshoes actually a golden colour so there are peace unity and freedom, at the top, we have an eagle not too sure equally these could be fishing eagle but I could be rolling it and that is a nice banknote.

So the only ever banknotes issued with this series is 2 5 shillingand that's even harder to get then the 1pound the 1 pounds of this bow for this series seems to be quite a coin so in the second series, you get a whole series from 5 shillings 10 shillings 1 pound 5pound and 10 pounds the easiest one to get is a 1 pound it seems to be very common in an uncirculated condition so it was the most printed banknote.

Then we have the 5 and 10 shillings they're a bit harder to get most of them are actually circulated so you probably pain oh yeahfor probably about 10 to 20 dollars forthose ones and then the hardest ones youcan get I had the 5 poundsAndy 10 pounds it's virtuallyimpossible to get I looked on eBay andall I could find was these two banknotes.

I didn't have any solid history on them I actually brought that banknote probably two years ago probably think about $25and here we've got one for very fine $44now one number an extremely fine $100 old still uncirculated one's easy $1000for a 5 pound and then this one probably very good to low grade very fine I think something either the paper is actually weak or something's actually been spilt on it but as you can see has a lot of detail does it have any watermarks no it doesn't not even security.

So I have a lot of them Nigerians actually coming to my post and going you've got two lights you got one saying that is it undividable Nigeria and I don't want Biafra tocome independent again then you goteveryone's there probably from the Ibo tribe so they make up the majority of Nigeria no not like Niger biafra regionand they come on and say this currencywill be rising again well this currencydefinitely is not gonna rise again notthese banknotes anyway.

If Biafra actually gets independence and Nigeria actually lets them actually use our own currency, yeah there're more issues to pound again but not these banknotes and the reason why is because the style of their printing is too basic for modern technology you can quite easily copy this on a computer and just print it out because it has no security threads and has no watermark that actually is a disincentive for it to actually circulate and another reason is that the high value they're actually quite an expensive printer to actually get any 10 pounds.

Let me have a look andsee if they're on eBay and yes they are on the eBay there are actually 24 items compared to the two items or five pounds of the five pounds a lot harder to get but as you can see the price is pretty high the loss of god is about $100that's in okay what's that period fine uncirculated for 500 extremely fine so these are actually a very expensive thing now so here you have a whole set for 1,300.

So I won't begin I'm not here saying 10 shilling banknote $23 uncirculated and yet says she couldn't the 1 pounds quite cheap let's see and he have sold completed sold items no results found that's from Australia and as you can see they sell for 160 dollars is the cheapest generally the other two sold for over 10 pounds yeah baby80 bucks again are making on every pound anyway.

A hundred dollars most likely you'll be actually spinning on a 10-pound bag 9 so that's why that'snot gonna circulate and if your gonna10 pound bank now has an equivalent value of $100 and the security features are actually not that good then reallyyou're gonna get counterfeit quite a lotand then quite quickly they'ld actually be replaced by another meeting that more modern anti-counterfeiting features but I should get to see this one is quitedamaged and here we have on the backlarge 5 pounds.

So these were issued 1969and the by a foreign war of independence or denied earrings who wore whichever you want to say these lasted from 1967to 1970 so these are actually uncirculated for about a year probably not even that and odd so majority in each banknote will probably be captured by the Nigerian forces and will probably be looted or unsold and that's why a lot of them Arrived uncirculated in very bad conditionbecause Nigeria is a pretty hot place.

So on the reverse, we have a woman weaving it's that old solve weaving on the loom and here we have to coat of arms again so that's supposed to be like the watermark that they're possessing supposed to be in the window so an expensive banknote but will Nigeriaallow by an effort to get in the peanuts well I'm not too sure they would because African countries have a history of not allowing provinces generally to become independent unless there is an agreement beforehand I don't see any agreement cuz Biafra has a lot of oil.

Nigeria doesn't want to give it up, like Sudan he gave up self sit-in butthat was a peace agreement ending the civil war in Sudan at the time then the Civil War stirred up in both countries again then Eritreaas well but that was an agreement between two rebel groups that actually agreed to divide the country up once actually defeated the government which they didn't know anyone.

So I would like to say thank you very much for reading my post. Thank you very much and good luck with your banknote collecting.

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