Luke Skywalker Premium Edition The sixth Scale by Hot Toys

Thanks for tuning in today, I'm taking a look at the hot toys Luke Skywalker deluxe version six scale figures from Star Wars the last Jedi let's see how he turned out.

First up as always the packaging and you can see that its pretty much everything we've come to expect you've got that nice chromium look going on with the logo that you name the character the movie that he's from great photography of the figure itself right there on the front.

That pattern follows itself all the way around to the back of the box where again as you see here we have a little bit more photography of the figure itself looking good looking solid but as always what we're really wanting to see is what's on the inside of the box so let's rip this guy open and see what it looks like on the inside all right.

Here he is Luke Skywalker deluxe from episode 8 still in his box exactly way is gonna come to you except that I've taken the liberty of removing all these plastic pieces as you can see he has a nice number of hands pretty much everything that you're gonna need for this character with all that he did film pork, who doesn't want a slice of pork that's a really cool thing to have the fabric on this cloth is really downscaled, nicely really digging it but the really pistou resistance on this is the portrait.

 I mean look at that, that is some high quality stuff I can just see mark Hamill's wrinkles here everything every little bit of texture seems to have made it onto the figure a nice array of weapons including the weather vane that he snatched a do battle with ray his light saber which he never uses but hey it's kind of cool to have any way you can do some really crazy kind of things with that also.

 See that he is walking stick that's pretty much par for the course for hoboLuke has a little musical instrument here somewhere to go as I believe and this guy right here which is we'll get to that later one exclusive elements include this orange and backpack I believe this bag came with the regular version of the figure but this pretty much is what makes up the deluxe and also I think the winged pork can't get enough of those. in fact now that I'm thinking about it, I may just go ahead and follow them away as well.

We'll stand there with some millennium Falcon art I believe there another just bear stand beneath it and this, of course, is his cloak look at that again fabric the downscale really really well can't wait to get that into powder free all right but I think at this point what we really want to do is get the figure onto the table impose it okay. Sohere we go we've got Luke out of his boxnow before we can really do anything with the posing there's quite a bit of dressing of this figure that we've got to do which brings up kind of something that I wanted to discuss when it comes to figures like this whether or not you're a fan of the portrait of a figure and by the way this portrait is amazing.

Just look at it you have to admire the accessories that come with a figure such as this the deluxe figure accessory spreads I mean they're just something to behold but enough about that I can talk about that later I suppose there's some dressing involved with this figure that includes this bag this is Pancho Luke in his ponchos backpack that comes with the deluxe in little X only stick his little instrument here if you want to do something with that pork all these to each one of these tiny little tools has a specific place that it has to go in that backpack.

So, fortunately, we have our instructions here that will help guide us through that I want to talk about this but though this is a Jedi compass of some sort Luke allegedly picked it up according to the literature Luke picked it up at some SIF temple somewhere I'm not really too clear on exactly what the details are this was originally meant to be in the early version of the film and it was teased that there has been a future prominently in it what wound up happening in it was that it was cutting back to a very very brief appearance in one of the flashback scenes are all three of the flashback scenes when Ben reaches out with force and grabs his lightsaber to defend himself from Thea as imagine attacked by luke you can see it sitting on the table open like this.

You just pulled a blue thing then this little case sitting over here like that it's really just kind of a cool nod that that actually made the cut of accessories for this for this figure but putting that aside let's go ahead and get his apparel to where its supposed to be first and foremost we need to get this jacket off of him because this bag is going to go underneath the jacketI'm not sure why anybody would wear a bag under a jacket especially under two jackets.

Since it's got a poncho but that's what Luke does in this from so jackets off you saw I did that pull the arms back and it just slides right off then you're gonna work raise this arm upon the bag is not symmetrical so you have to sort of figure out which side to go on like see how you imagine hanging at his side there and draping over his shoulders if I were to do it this way it looks like this wouldn't be popping up let me just double check to make sure yes you see how that falls over and it looks like this top of the strap is gonna lay flat across his shoulders that's where you want it you don't want it here where it's just gonna be riding up it's gonna be obnoxious let's just go ahead and pull that over make sure that the hood goes through the middle of itas well]and their tug it down make a full natural bring well don't need to bring the hood back down because right now we just need to bring both the arms back again because we're going to redressLucan, his dusters is cut off duster.

Let's put all the Jedi are former Jedi are wearing these days be really careful one of the things that you might consider doing I'm not doing here because I'm just dumb is to pull the hands off of the figure the fingers have a tendency to snag on certain fabrics I think I can make this one group I think oh it's not even going into the armhole there that was the problem and yeah see how easily that slides up so no need to take the hands-off with this figure unless you feel really then that's the if that's the only way that you feel comfortable then by all means go ahead and take the hands-off.

I'm gonna spin this guy back around here so that we can have everything fall away they suppose to look how it's just all kind of coming forward here so I don't like that bring up bring those around. Sothat's kind of where it needs to be it's good news so to get the poncho on you have to pop the head off, ah and off it goes it's a pretty difficult thing to do some respect and the hood has to come through the top of the poncho it's kind of tug that through to fall the way that it's supposed to I think that it comes over to this side that's gonna go down as I see that once you get that done yeah.

Headless Luke and this is tricky because you've got to be able to get this head in through the top of the shirt and I didn't really have an issue with it here I think yeah right got fall back and done this bit right here is supposed to come all the way over on the other side I had that missile line so to speak just gonna pull this hood up over his head just to give myself some more clearance and pretty much moment I think this line here needs to be on their shoulder.

So, let's rotate that just ever so gently until it comes around you may need to just start fresh because I'm noticing that I'm not getting a lot of play when I move it it's getting there yeah alright Luke thanks for working with me, you just be able to get this backpack on him and where that's attractive but maybe not madam I don't know its just weird it's like I've seen the filmI see in the film that he actually has the backpack on while he's wearing this cloak but it's hanging down very low

You'd have to make some adjustments to the backpack which I'm seeing now I can do kind of feel like I shouldn't afraid that I'm gonna break something these are rip these little tiny D rings here are very very fragile and when Isay I just don't feel like breaking my new finger here really fond of this guyI've wanted to have him in my collection since day one and I'm like a lot of people I'm really a big fan of this film.

So let's just see if this works well experiment together and if not we'll do what I did in the composer video and put the backpack we need the clock which brilliant realistically this thing while being a windbreaker layer is also something of yeah. I'm just really really nervous about this just move it back to get this all the way back in an unnatural way to try again to bring it up anyway.

As I was saying big fan of last year a big fan of this vision ofLuke Skywalker as sort of the obi-wan Kenobi the young the disgruntled old hermit disillusioned by his failures pediment repetitive nature of these kind of tropes and Star Wars become a sort of stock in the parade and Lucas established that long ago so I can't blame Rian Johnson for wanting to pull that off in his own film yeah this just isn't gonna work, see how that's just getting caught up in there.

 I couldn't fuss with a little bit and see if it's going if see if we would fall down it's just not gonna hang the way that's attractive the stairs just getting in my way just the other thing that you run into you if you try to put the backpack over the cloak is the potential to harm the fabric of the cloak which I don't want to do but for the sake of this pose.

Let's just go ahead and leave it because if you watched last Jedi and you go to go to the bit where he's walking from his from his Hut up to up the mountain to where those little sea beasties live where he gets the green milk much to raise dismay then you'll notice that he's he's walking up the hill you can see this cloak with this backpack and its hanging down a bit more so maybe if you wanted to take the time to actually take that backpack loosen the straps and have it dangling and look a little bit more.

You might have a little bit more play in this bottom strap and enough where you can create just a nice little flowing effect with the poncho and it'snot terrible here at all I mean it's I think it's totally fine but I might if you decide to go like this and you think this is attractive then great I advise caution though and I really advise those sending these straps a little bit but anyway that's in that's on that's where it needs to be okay.

Now I talked before about how I feel about Luke'sjourney when it comes to the last Jedi and how on board I was with what RianJohnson pulled off I just I genuinely enjoy the whole notion of old swordsman who failed in his duties are Ronin if you go because that's essentially what what Skywalker is becoming this. I never really had a master but he just not really attached to anything at this point no ideologies just to cut himself off from his belief he's a man who's lost faith in himself in his religion in everything so we talked before about how extraordinary this portrait is and it is very good having said that when I think about classic samurai cinema Akira Kurosawa.

What have you when I think of a wandering former swordsman I think of them you know being in hiding and all the and all of that entails one of the things that you'll find is that if you're wanting to indicate that somebody's in hiding or some of these having identity issues then bring up that hood it breaks the silhouette if you were just if you were like say for instance ray and you were looking for this person and you saw while in your group during and miss one request you saw this figures on the hill he wouldn't be immediately recognizable because he obscuring his identity not necessarily hiding it but obscuring it.

So let's get that to the no and I haven't decided yetI think that I'm gonna have him hanging his head but we'll see a few other things that I want to take care of first want us to get this proper hand on it Imay switch the other hand out I don't know yet I do want this hand on that'snot all the way in there's that just me and I'll be able to go all the way and I don't know what I want to do is try to get this arm up far enough then he can be gripping this backpack because he does do that a fair bit.

See if I can get that on there yes awesome possible now I'm no artistI'm just hoping to convey some sort of a message some sort of drama here and I think that this is going to be my viewing angle so I'm gonna want to said turn this way listen because I want to see things like this bag I want to kind of catch a corner of the backpack but I also want that hood to be quite a bit of the hood have been tucked back down to the cloak again I just want most of his face to be kind of obscuredturn his head just kind of falling into that arm just will not bend enough to make that look attractive.

 I think that if it might be awesome if the of that the poncho was off of it let's just lift that up just a little bit more and see if I can't get one play and that sleeve to cover up that unsightly joint yeah it looked like gravity's taking some sort of effect on it okay I'm not liking how this hood is falling so I'm just gonna fuss with that a little bit since I turned the head it just kind of became asymmetrical and it's going to that'll happen that's what the hood continuously as I make minor adjustments now I'm thinking of what I want to do here is just have him like like he's heard something.

He disconnected from the force but lets just have him turning around like he's been walking in a certain direction but he's heard something he sent something even though it's disconnect from the force it still likes alert let's get this handout who I say that arm was just bent in a weird way gotta code that man who I want this hand in there I was thinking about like this hand because if he's rotating this way then having that hand out like that would indicate like more action but I think that's too much action I think that's just too stylized having that Eno like that it's clearly meant to be a forced gesturing ham but I was really just hoping to expand on that just a little bit so let's have him looking up a little bit more my original thought was that he would look dejected but no I don't think so not in this case.

I'm gonna break this breakaway this stand or take the stand away with it and start experimenting with walking now cool but I'm for this figure you can do some cool action poses and I'll show some in photography but for this, I think I just want to have him hobo samurai in isolation self-imposed exile on a faraway planet here we go didn't that good write this down actually comes with an octo it's really weird because it looks like it's like this is meant to be vertical but they put it on.

They've used it as a sort of a base foundation but if this was and if this was your jam if you wanted to go ahead and have an octa thing going on there then you certainly could I want to lift this arm up just a touch not too much wanted to be kind of relaxed couple more tweaks and I'll probably tweet this again before I photograph and I think that's got it that's my posesure how that looks from above we'll see it soon enough in photography.

Let me know what you guys think about that because I'm pretty fond of it actually that might wind up being and how it goes on my shelf with a few tweaks cool photo gallery coming up I know I've said it a lot here and at the risk of sounding like I'm beating like a dead horse I really really love and appreciate this incarnation of LukeSkywalker and what they did with his journey the call-outs to samurai culture and the tradition of drawing from samurai culture for the Jedi Knightscontinues nicely here even looking at that that that walking stick of his it bears a striking resemblance to a bokuto and I just I can't help but feel like that's by design the figure itself is a triumph in pretty much everywhere that matters to me including a beautiful portrait.

Perfectly downsized tailoring and quite a few accessories that's about it obviously I love this figure but let me know what you think about in the comments below and until next time be good to your plastic. I would like to say thank you very much for reading my post. Thank you very much and good luck with your banknote collecting.

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