DUBIA : A beautiful city of luxury

When considering the name of the City of DUBIA, a stunning luxury city comes into your mind. A cosmopolitan city with wide skylines, shopping centres, beaches and fountains. The city of DUBIA was founded in 1971 although then it was a desert with a fee. The majority of airlines use DUBIA to improve their exposure and reputation as a transit service. Today, though, it is a renowned tourist and residence spot. Everyday people worldwide travel to DUBIA with their loved ones or colleagues for a variety of reasons. Incorporating a little doubt about why you can visit DUBIA below, it is a few things you can enjoy by visiting DUBIA. Dubia : A Beautiful City Of Luxury

Dubia : A Beautiful City Of Luxury

  SKY HIGH VIEWS It’s no longer new that Dubai houses the world tallest building, which is located in downtown DUBIA. The architectural engineering design is breathe taking. A visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the BURJ KHALIFA. This is the tallest building in the world with about 160 stories. Imagine a view from this building. Will be terrifying for people scared of height but will certainly be worth every penny spent.


 Before all these tall buildings were erected the better part of the UAE is a desert. You can still have a feel of the desert by having a taste of the Bedouin Life. Going there shows you the awesome possibility of turning nothing into something everyone admires. Depending on the time you arrive there, you can opt for an afternoon desert safari with a 4WD dune drive and Arabic dinner under the stars. This comes at a cost which varies.


Shopping in a DUBIA mall will give you the satisfaction that comes with strolling the mall with super air conditioned space. The best thing is that they offer you a great deal for a superior quality.

  UNRAVEL THE HISTORY OF DUBIA This is not only for historians of students of history. Most people are in awe as how a desert suddenly in two decades became the most sort after travel destination. A visit to the ETIHAD MUSEUM will help you uncover the historical stories that led to the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The museum is located at the very spot the UAE was first formed in 1971. At the museum, they offer interactive learning program & video for visitors and others staying in town.


Ever seen a dancing water fountain? The Dubai dancing water fountain will sweep you off your feet. It attracts thousands of visitors everyday. The choreographic water display performs at a 30 minutes intervals.


The sight and structure of the mosque is an attracting sight. Even non Muslim troop in just to behold the beauty of a seemly perfect architectural designed edifies. With all this I know you are already anticipating to visit DUBIA. You can’t afford to miss out on all this fun locations and sites. Dubai is indeed a beautiful city of luxury. Hope this article gave you an insight of what to expect or look out for in planning your travel to the United Arab Emirates.

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