The Red Keep 3D Puzzle Showcase

Hello, guys, we have right in front of us the 3d puzzle of the Red Keep and this is by Revitpuzzle and they specialize in 3d puzzles honestly have never seen anything like this before because this is a legit 3djigsaw puzzle so normally when you build puzzles duh it's flat like this 2d this is gonna be my first time doing a 3d puzzle so we're gonna see how horribly I did.

There are 845 pieces inside this box and doing it by myself seem daunting so of course, I asked for some help but at the same time, I thought you know what let'smake this really fun and make it a challenge let's see how far we can get if we come complete this in one hour do you think you can do it I think we'll get like the base done oh my! this is an 845 piece puzzle okay okay oh we can do it okay let's stay all right let's go ahead and get this guy this is not the start of our one hour check no not until we get the pieces out and set and then we'll start.

I'm glad we haven't started yet cuz I feel like I'm about to put together furniture just kinda see how long it should take you to read that I'm gonna pull this out so on each little piece there is foam backing on it oh so it like bud so cool some of them are already together yay we're already a couple steps ahead no it said one of the first things that we should do is sort and group pieces by colour and these pieces with red dots are not part of the actual puzzle set them aside and discard them only when you have finished assembling your puzzle, okay this just got more difficult okay again we're gonna go ahead and make sure we read the instructions thoroughly so we don't stop s halfway through the puzzle and have to start over because that would be bad okay.

So it kind of tells you where to start which direction to go and it goes from 9 to 27 I'm counting on you to make sure we get all this right okay we're in good hands then oh it's found the iron throat game over that's it we have all of our pieces sorted as per their instruction we haveour red pieces that are over there that's way off camera that you can see it's like our roof piece basically we ran out of room on this pinball we had nowhere else there like pilot 2 because they kept on falling on the floor.

So we said that at the very beginning of this that we were gonna challenge ourselves to see if we can complete the puzzle in an hour at first I was really optimistic I was like yeah we can do this but it took us straight up 30 minutes plus just soared because there are pieces that you had to take out with the little red dots on it um but you know what I like a good challenge so let's start that timer now I don't even know where to start I know I'm kind of like oh my gosh okay so look for more edge pieces and try to find an edge piece that matches another edge piece so now we've completely completed the bottom layer which is the basis of how you're gonna build everything and now we start to move upward yeah.

 I think soit only took like this is intense I loveit this is one of the more challengingpuzzles I've ever done but it's also themost fun because it really forces you tokind of break that little box of likewhat other puzzles are mm-hmmand you have to think not just likeupward but like curving and things likethat and and they get a little trickybecause I mention all cuz there's likelittle little notches in here littlesquares and you think that that's apiece of like the puzzle piece asopposed to it being a square yeah sothere's that whole thing so they try totrick you now we've got it where I'mgonna keep goingupdate on our puzzle we've got the brownlevel and a lot of the sectionscompleted that's really exciting we'vejoined owed it down we built most of theside pieces and towers and we're aboutto put in the Iron Throne we did it, we finished the ready homes o fmy rebels and we're gonna do the revealing right now this was the most uniqueexperience I've ever had puttingtogether a puzzle I have to admit thisis I mean this kind of takes everythingthat you normally would do with a puzzleand then just flips it on its head andmakes it so you have to have like a tenyou have to look at it from a hundreddifferent angles.

It's a very unique feeling and a very unique experience when you've built in a building a 3dpuzzle like this and the sense of accomplishment when you finish one of these long towers I'm gonna spin it like one of these because you just keep building up so I've been begging him to do puzzles for just so long and what your way to do a puzzle event to build it to really make it all 3d and lifeLego what it one of my favourite things about building this is aside from like the teamwork aspect of it and really having to talk through instead of sometimes I think when you're doing a traditional 2d puzzle a puzzle is you kind of like okay who do you take a corner I take a corner and you're not talking to each other yeah which is all fine and fun.

 This one here requires teamwork to look at this gorgeous finished product should I say I feel so proud and what's really cool is that on the inside and you don't know this because you'reseeing it the finished product but on the inside, there's also art on the inside and I think art because they the piece comes with like a little baby iron throne that sits right inside this part of the puzzle and there's other parts too and they have like a little tiny piece, of course, I'm not saying you're making your own little couch ha'sor anything like that drawn they have walls they have things that you wouldn't that you don't see on the outside yeah so it's really a flip side down you can actually take a peek okay.

This is pretty sturdy I think it would hold together frozen it really really would but uh just for the sake of this video we're not but it light and it's sturdy and it feels good to like when you touch it and stuff you're not afraid to be like oh god it's gonna fall apart cuz its really not because of the little memory foam pieces that are attached to the back of the puzzle-like these little things so it feels nice to the touch and that means when you put the puzzle together it's it doesn't feel flimsy it actually fits in you really know if apiece is meant to fit or not like you know right away there's no confusion.

I don't know if this goes here though you know when you put it in your idea that's not right to take it apart put it somewhere else so we have such a great time with this and if you're interested in your very own 3d puzzle by Revitpuzzles just go ahead and visit the link that's listed below this post.

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