The Punisher War Machine Armor Sixth Scale

Hey everybody welcome to Gobuy1 reviews, the home edition. Today I'm taking a look at Marvel's future fight The Punisher and war machine armour by HotToys let's take a look.

Now let's start by taking a look at the box on the front we have a raised Punisher logo as well as all of the information about it this one here figures on a slide-out this way this is a solid foam casing for your figure to protect it but it has that punisher logo embossed in it on the back are gonna be all of your credits and then on this side here we've got an image of the figure and this is raised a little bit on it as well.

Let's take this down slide this out see what we have once we've slid our tray out of the box we're gonna lift off this upper lid see it has the Punisher war machine armour embossed in it heavy duty black styrofoam to hold it and then our secondary tray which is gonna have all of our weaponry and our stand.

Let's take a closer look at what you get inside our main tray you're gonna have your Frank Castle alternate head the neck post for when you mount that on him in all his glory now the foam you see in there is to protect the metal parts from rubbing against each other here you're gonna see a little bit of that detail than on the sides or maybe all of his additional hands, as well as that little slit there and that's gonna keep the moisture out.

In-tray number to all of our firing effects two really neat our Gatling gun there's all of our batteries with our screwdriver and our tweezers a special stand and that does have that glassy quality to us figure has four places for batteries first up is it going to be underneath the cow you're gonna unscrew and they'll be three up their switches underneath two on the arms you'll remove the cannon small screw small plate underneath three batteries in the right one three on the left and then the last on the back panel up here remove and you have three batteries there so let's light him up and take a look.

Here we are with the light features on bright light up eyes the hands are incredibly bright used the articulated finger hands for this one here now the chest is lit up you don't really see it behind the punisher plate and that removes off however had certain angles you will almost see it through the eye alright let's turn the lights back up these are the different hands that he comes with the ones that are inside the package are gonna be these closed fist ones we also have a closed fist with the weaponry give up both right and left for that as well you have a right and left open palm and these are a rubberized styled finger and then a right and left with the articulated fingers as well.

Alright, first of the armaments is his back-mounted shoulder cannon has an individual little peg here it's going to attach into the back right here alright once it's in there you have the articulation points that will allow it to slide front back rotates then down to the side as well if you like all right, so let's kind of show it off that way the next this ball joint here is for our shoulder mounted minigun a little balljoint in there and we're gonna attach this like so and it'll pop right on now the back of the minigun can turn and the reason that it does that is to allow you to have a little bit more play with how his bullet band will go we're gonna use the short end that slides into the gun and the larger tab in there let's do that thanks though and here's what I meant about being able to adjust how it looks to the side.

This gives you just a little bit more play then in the front here and here you have his shoulder missile launchers and I'll just lift those up there and then the missiles are actually a little magnet and it's going to drop right inside you'll hear them click in place but we haven't finished we can give him even more guns so let's swap out the hands and do that alright here's the last of the arm armament on the underside here can lift this off you've got two pegs underneath and you'll slide these cannons in as well then I'm going to change out the hand from an articulated hand to the one with even more guns on it.

There is one heavily armed arm now not only does he have all of these guns he also has all these firing effects these attached to the weaponry for the Gatling gun look on the back you're gonna see all of the individual holes and one peg line those up take a moment to do that push that in, you've got another four shoulder cannon here that only goes in one way as well like so and then these two fit into the wrists, so take a look at that our final accessory is the Frank Castle head sculpt Scarface Stern brow great sculpt in the hair work painting on it textured cowl on the front.

It's actually in a soft rubber material highly detailed but it still has that bit of video game look to it now this cowl will be used when we swap out the heads let's take a look at how that looks now when you swap out the portraits you're gonna first remove the head but then you're also removing the lower neck for the Frank one you have a special neck gear and then the portrait there is the large ball joint down inside.

So we're gonna slide that neck joint down there and then replace with our other sculpt now here's the figure with the alternate head sculpt really really neat unmasked version all right now I'd like to take a look at the figure all the way down head to toe and check out some of the details you can see on the armour that they'd get it scratches pitting some bit of whether or not right around the neck joint you get that metal look front has been dirtiedit's not a clean skull on the side and also down on the leg as you can see on the guns, the scratch and we're up onto the shoulders we turn it there.

You can see the interior workings here on the back now when you move that forward you also see all of that gear work down on the back as well down to his steel - and boots here's some more close-ups all that work down on the leg shin the rivets it just wouldn't be our show without some good old-fashioned tread watch I've put them in a bit of a pose here just so I can show you some of the articulation points got the ball-jointed head also the neck itself can move as well giving you a lot of range of motion the chest can be lifted okay give you a little bit more room there now down here on the legs not only does the leg drop down to give you more range but also the side flaps will lift both to the front and side.

The legs can ratchet all the way back to 180 we'll show that in a second then down here flaps in the back herb are articulated up on the front and is a-Rollin Rockin ankle as well the shoulder what they've done for that for you is to make this piece movable so you'll drop that when you adjust and change your arm in that way you can always cover-up that seam anytime that you have it so it's a really nice feature that they've done there to be able to kind of cover that seam and I always like when you can see the mechanics now because you can move that out you can really hike up the height of the arm and then I can place that back in there okay so so you don't damage it.

Make sure that you move it aside when you're gonna do those you got a good 90-degree on the arm there again as I said I can adjust and move it back torso you can actually lift it up so I can get more range so full tilts to the side a lot further than we've seen with other die-cast like this which is a nice thing to have so let's take a look down at the lower leg joint as I said you can extend by pulling down you'll lift the flaps in the front to the side apart if you're going to be doing anything dynamic but again quite a bit of movement there to the side just be cautious with those flaps any time that you do it.

These are ratcheted back so you get some full range of motion would isolate those flaps back down as I drop there so as you can see you have a really really big range and then when the leg is down like that you also have the ability to turn it okay so giving it those extra points of articulation really allow you to do a lot of dynamic poses with a figure like this in this front chest section as I said you can remove see the inner workings and the light.

Also, this lower section here actually has a hinge to it and that's to allow for deep bends to the side to not damage the suits again just more abilities for you to pose it I just wanted to show you again in a museum pose he's still so impressive looking he weighs in at about two and a half pounds they're incredibly durable again you can drop those backdown.

I'm having a lot of fun Posie yeah cuz you can just do so much so I think I'm gonna add all the fire effects and then give you one last look so there you have it the Punisher and war machine armor by Hot Toys being this incredibly flexible imposable diecast the paintwork the multiple heads sculpts these firing effects and all of the weaponry he's just an incredible figure.

 I'm really glad I got a chance to show them off to you so thanks for reading everybody and once again don't forget to bookmark us!

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