Unsealed and revealed Optimus Prime Collectible figure by ThreeA

Hello everyone today I want to talk to you about what we're looking at today is from 3-0 the diecast transformers bumblebee Optimus Prime this is how Optimus Prime looked in the feature film bumblebee which hopefully you've seen is a great film but we're gonna take him out.

 I'm going to try and show you everything I can about him let's first take a look at the box not sure if you're able to tell by my home camera here but the black on the box is actually done as kind of an asphalt it kind of has that road look okay and the Autobot logo around there you're back there here all of your information on the front and this is a window box it does have a single magnet open on the side here you're going to see a photo of the figure and it is a window box.

Weare gonna jump right ahead take this thing out of the box and tell you all about it alright so here's what we have right inside of our tray this is a double-layered tray but what I want you to take a look at how I've taken the plastic off the figure there's going to be a little bit of plastic that's going to be over each of these and one that goes over his entire body but take a look at this detail that's what is so impressive to me right in here you're getting that pitting the dirt the grimes cratches the oil marks all of that on the figure the amazing detail that has been done with this particular figure is astounded and I'm kind of glad to be able to do it this way to kind of work my way down and show it to you just how incredible that detail is.

So in your top tray is Optimus then his weapon alright take a look at that again the dry brushing and the beat-up wear on there is amazing the top tray also is going to have his additional hands alright and we'll talk about each one of those as well our lower tray is going to have our dynamic stand base or action stand base and this thing is pretty unique and I'm going to show you how that goes together and what you're able to do with it the other thing that's going to come in the box for you is your warranty sheet which is a unique one and then, of course, my absolute favourite instruction manual and we're going to take a peek at that as well as the figure in just a moment.

A stand here is going to allow for a lot of different positioning all right it's gonna lock in the back you're gonna hear that click and then the front one and that will click alright here's where you've got some interesting parts about this stand right down here you see you lift up and you can put that at different angles alright and once we have they figure attached you're gonna see different ways that it can go and then you'll drop that thing back down to locker alright once you've got that where you like it you also have another one we are you're gonna pull back that releases it to extend out alright the upper area is where you're going to attach your figure.

Now take a look here you're gonna slide this out and on the top and in here you're gonna be your grooves alright this doesn't spin when you're inside this so you're gonna have to remove it and then place it where you want it okay ratcheting it around all that's gonna do is grind these down and then your figure is no longer we're going to stay in the position you want alright so as you see push in and I've locked it there or extended all the way up wherever you need it to be now let's take a look at how that stand works with a figure alright so this is how you're going to attach your stand this is all in the instructions and I'm going to show you that sheet a little bit later but on the back of Optimus right here okay you're gonna have this little bit here gently pull that off like so and you're going to be putting your stand-in.

Alright then like I told you how it goes in there and as you can see that things got some serious weight to it well placing it where I need it alright have an upward locking it in things like that probably gonna want to push the weight back a little further if you do realize that you're gonna have a figure that's a little bit heavy on there but that is how you're going to attach it if you don't want to use the stand he holds up fine on his own make sure to put the back cap on that silver facing upward I'm not so sureI'll be using the stand you are going to be amazed at the pose-ability of the figure but even in what we call the standard museum pose is pretty fantastic.

What I'd like to do now is we're gonna work from our top-down and look at some of the articulation points and then we're going to try and zoom in a few times and look at some of those really incredible detailed sections first up what is kind of neat to see is when you have your instructions what they've done on the instructions here is on each moving point you see a little circle okay those are all your articulation points doubt for you it's a nice thing to know where they are so you're not trying to turn it in a place that maybe it wouldn't normally be all right, but lets work up here shoulders are articulated as such and so are the little back flaps now when they're attached on like that it's fine if they come loose or disengaged they snip back on.

All right but know that anytime you're gonna move the arms you're gonna want to kind of lift those up now what I've been moving this figure you're gonna get a little bit of oil you'll feel on your hands and that that's fine at least that's the way it is on mine and I think that's to make sure that the joints all move nicely and smoothly and I appreciate it I'm happy to have it move freely all right so our arm sections here we get a full rotation on your bicep cut your arm also get a full turn so you get some serious arm-wrestling moves there in that shoulder area.

 I move that forward and I want you to see on the back here how that moved out all right boom that's why I'm telling you to just move this out of the way and then you can place it back wherever you like there are some flaps on the legs that are about the same way as far as making sure that you adjust them first all right now because I've got it at the back here this is what impressed the heck out of me with this guy here is not only that detail here but the possibility and watch when I blend him forward how far it extends and shows even more detail okay that's a really really impressive amount of movement to get into that and I hope you can see a close-up there of just how great the detail the ageing all of the metal parts boom how it'll close back in.

Alright let's work our way down and talk about movements to the side alright now the chest does move but not a lot alright but it does move back and forth to the side okay now here's where you do have a huge amount of movements and that's in the hips there are two flaps in the front here two on the sides and then two in the back I want you to know that that's where each one is so when you're doing your leg movements this has some of the best range I've seen to figure particularly a die-cast figure that you're going to want to move those out of the way when you're doing it.

So, if I'm gonna move these off to the side let's take a look at just how for Optimus Prime gonna go absolutely impressive it is really really crazy and that's again why I told you to be careful of those they're all six of these clips are around a little ball joint. so if when you move one pops off they do snap right back on alright let's take a look at how they'll move to the front onceI've got those fully extended like that we're gonna show a little bit more.

We've seen this on some of our other diecast figures where it will dropdown okay you see that I pulled that a little bit and extended now the reason I've extended that like that I'm gonna take this front flap lift that up as far as I can and I can take this leg to crank it past 90 degrees this is that little flap I told you about and if we zoom in there you can see there is a little ball joint.

Okay, I'm gonna snap that back on but I wanted you to see just how far up you can take these now that we've got that there let's show how we can crank down what is really neat is when you're doing these movements is the underlying metal pieces that come out that that transformation so we say okay so you've got that all the way to the back leg switch that I can flip it all the way back all right crazy amount of articulation on that there once you've got that where you want it obviously um drop back the leg by pushing upward on the hip all right but since we have it here we're gonna do that's the right time for tread watch very very impressive tread on this on a robot, all right and again even some ageing in that area and let's take and show you the other one so there is our tread.

Let's take a look at the articulation points on that foot you're gonna have them in the front little raise up and you also have it jointed to give you some movement to the side and back alright flat there in the back with the hydraulics does move alright that's to show you that there I dropped the other leg down so he can stand here but again just absolutely amazing now see if you can see from the back there that's what it looks like with your hip joint dropdown and that's with it fully up you're gonna do it just hold down and press inthe point well alright because I dropped one of those front panels off I told you I wanted to show you a little ball joint there lay my Optimus Prime down press and right back on.

Alright so don'tdon't think that you've broken it if they drop down we were talking about taking a look at some of that detail what I want to show you is the detail in the legs tires and things like that again just this ageing that bit of oil the scratches the road dirt the one the warrior aspect tires are mounted on here they do not move they are aid you feel like they might have a bit of a rubberized thing but they do not spin but look how they've even given those a nice wash with a bit of the dirt to give it some road we're not they're just really really spectacular in that one there what you get now he does have a light-up featurealright when you're gonna do that we're gonna pan right back up here to the head okay ball-jointed head and see if we can lift the camera up here to kind of show a little bit of the neck that when we move it to the side not only do we have the ball joint that moves but underneath is a second ball joint the lower region of the neck.

Alright so we're moving here that even this area here as you can see moves so my left to right goes there Ihave a left to right in the center and the point so here's our Optimus head forthe light up feature on this one here onthe very back gonna lift that straightup this is a little different that we've seen on some of the other figures as a little carriage inside okay foryour batteries you know lift that up andout like sookay now this and it shows in yourinstructions has two of the AG 13 now that type of battery is given differentnames for different brands but if youwere to look up AG 13 they're availablein drugstores and multiple multipleshoppers you're gonna put your two inthere slide them back down and thenclasp it back alright I've placed thebatteries in there closed it back up andright up on the front here is youron/off switch push that on and I get myblue eyes again there's more of thatarticulation as you're getting in thathead alright it's a small light-upfeature but it is really neat and doesbring even more life to him.

 I can't get over the amount of detail in this I was a fan of transformers when I was a kid that first came out I had my fighter plane and absolutely loved it um my friend had the Optimus Prime um but it didn't look anything like this we'll geta turntable for some of our newer shows coming up but I wanted you to see just let's take a look and pan down just from the top to the bottom cuz I showed you on the front but just some of those gears that are on there absolutely amazing now the hands that our figure comes with,  and his fists that's what he has right out of the box you do have additional hands now the hands are done out of a hard plastic okay this is not a soft rubber that we see in more of the humanoid looking hands but I want to go over them and show you what those are like alright here are our different hands these ones here are called the spread hands these are relaxed hands weapons holding hands are these two here and my favourite is this one here called the command hand that's a phrase.

I hope that we get to use on more shows but look even in the details of the fingers that dry-brushing to give it that metal beaten look alright what I'm going to do since I have one of these out is use this weapon holding hand alright and we're gonna put the gun on let's take a look at some of the instructions I told you about tell you about your parts your hands your base there's the battery function we went over your arm and shoulder movement what I like that they've done here does not only show you all of the different moving parts that you have but also your different cautions about paint may scratch and just how to move things out of the way they've done this little graphic that's where you might have a problem please be careful all right.

How all of your different legs move up raising the legs here and here now here's one I always let the instructions raise up the legs with turning angle to avoid collision with pants parts so apparently Optimus Prime is wearing pants I always love when you get ones like that this is telling you more of the articulation and showing it off this guy can do yoga-style poses and I know that Terry with how to be a poser is going to go absolutely bonkers to be able to see what this guy does nowhere. I've placed his ion cannon into his weapon hand I said that they were a harder plastic they do have a bit of give to them but be gentle and slow when you're doing those I found it easier to get the hand in it first and then place the weapon in it just because the size of the weapon well I've got the weapon here.

 I want to show you this, that even the little clip comes out and as it's round in there that brass round there take a look at the dry brush and that metallic look to it I've done it just a small pose with one of the legs backward and one of them forward to show you how great his balance is okay I don't need to do a lot with him as far as the stand if I'm gonna have both feet on the ground here's another crazy one we're gonna do this here just to finishup and show you a little bit of how wild the articulation is on Optimus is you don't have mini robot figures they can just about touch their toes I don know of any others at least.

 I don't own any others so look here again incredible figure amazing amount of articulation for a diecast figure like this to be able to do all of this and at the price point is that is pretty amazing we spend a lot more on diecast figures and to get one like this with just how intricate heis for that is really really impressive so there we are Optimus Primewell I hope you've enjoyed it it's been fun to try and do this here at the home if you have any questions as I said.

We're going to work on doing our best to answer those but once again thanks so much for reading and don't forget to bookmark us.

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