Obi-Wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure

Hello everyone welcome, today we're going to be taking a look at sideshows obi-wan Kenobi from their mythos collection so let's dive right in now the box art for this is the classic design that we've been seen with that dark almost metallic gray and the matte black on the front we have a photograph of the actual sixth scale figure in one of the many styles of poses that you can do spin it around the side so that that angle cut and then on the back a more contemplative obi-wan Kenobi 

This is done kind of in that angled slide technique which is actually something we saw in the first teaser trailer for empire Strikes Back letting us know how that story would continue so this is just a very neat way for them to have done it this is a classic shoebox styles we're gonna pull this out I'm gonna show you a little bit more of that alright so once we've removed the top part of the shoebox on this one we're gonna have that inside artwork and this is one of those from the back views of what we want they've done some the art departments done some really great photography work on the boxes sideshow really knocks it out the park with their photography departments.

 I like this one here again a bit somber and what'samazing is you're getting all of these different looks with just a single head sculpt in the way in which they tilt or angle it on the other side we have the time he spent in the Clone Warsit's another neat one this I thought was really kind of a fun one that they've done and that is to show that he still carries his utility pouches around so let's take this open her up and start to play Obi-wan comes in a two-tiered tray the upper tray is gonna have the figure his long gun and three additional hands the lower tray comes with the stand his lightsaber Anakin's qui gonna z.

TheDroid collars the goggles macro binoculars and two additional hands as well now here's a better look at that head sculpt take a look at how bright and lifelike the eyes are how deep and detailed the look of the hair and the beard and the paint of all of it to give it just an incredible look this is a younger version of Alec Guinness and a slightly older one than you and McGregorit's really really beautiful here's a little further down on the sculpt we can see that they've aged and weathered the fabric it's not as clean as it was before and not quite as tattered and dark as we see in the first Star Wars film those little metal rivets the flat buckle those are in metal and then hereon the side we remove the hand back to show it to you you have its pouches along the belt as well as that additional droid call our hook I talked to you about and now the outer robe can be removed so let's do that.

We're gonna work our way down from the head sculpt now but take a look at that twinkle and the wet look that they've done they'removing down we get into the dark brown under tunic got a nice tight stitching Asian weather did beating it a bit then down on to his belt this is leather little metal rivets on the pouch on the side there the metal buckle your other side pouch and you've got your two hooks one for your lightsaber and one for your droid collar.

Then working down we've got the darkerpant now let's take a look at the boots you've got a cloth-like a wrap around the upper now this is sculpted into it but it does resemble cloth and you have an amazing leather texture to here they've done multiple washes to give it that beaten and broken-in leather these are something that he's worn for a long period of time it's cut down here and that allows the entire foot to move its all jointed giving you a lot more play, this will be able to be moved up and down so if you do see a little gap in between there again you're just gonna move those small adjustments and then let's take a look and look at that thread.

 I've loved that they've gone and done the dirt around it and the slight wear incredible looking figure let's take a look at the accessories a little closer first is Obi-Wan's saberthey've gone you're given this quite a lot of beading not quite as much around the hilt in the front as we see in the original Star Wars film and that would be because this isn't slightly before soI like that they've kind of predated it that way and on the one end you're gonna have that little D-ring and that's going to attach on his belt loop alright the other thing about this one that's quite unique is that in the tray you also have the ignited saber and this is a swap out part so right here, remove that end okay and then you have your ignited saber all right this one here handle gently put it in like so it's a little slide in place then you have your ignited saber.

This is that pointed tip version that we saw in the updated films so if you want to put it in his hand you've got the ignited or if you want to hang on the belt you have the off position there now that's not the only saber that obi-wan comes with though he also comes his master's saber qui guns it's a very very nice design that they've done with it and aged it a bit what I find so interesting about them including this one here they've also included Anakin's saber as well these are his two best friends that he'swatched die and he carries their sabers with them this is Obi Wan's definitely going through some incredible grief and this is just a really interesting thing to see and they've taken the original we'll call Luke saber or Anakin saber that also has the D-ring there all right.

Now these two attach on his backpack and this will attach to the front hilt also in a tray as some macro binoculars these are one of my favorites what I like about this one is this is that version we saw in Empire Strikesnow since this predates it just gives that used feel with the Star Wars movies head that they're still using these later on against the Empire love the paintwork the detail on this little leather strap even the little metal rivet right there on it in the last thing was kind of another fun addition because Obi Wan's told us he doesn'tremember ever owning a droid and yet he still has a droid collar and on the very back of his belt is another loop that you can hang these on and the last and probably one of the coolest accessories to put on you figure it's gonna be his goggles alright they kind of had that glossybug-eyed look leather look on the inside when you look in okay it is a harder plastic these are not a see-through lens.

So when you put them on you're not gonna see the eyes through them cloth strap here not an elastic so you don't have to worry that it's going to get loose and longer over time but I'm gonna show you how we put that on the figure is not todo any damage so neat accessory there there are five additional hands that come with the obi-wan - in fists both right and left they've really given that leather great aging and where you've got a right hand that's a little more open more of a trigger one for using the long rifle slightly more gripping for perhaps holding on to the backpack and then another grip but on your left-hand whatwe wants backpack is one of the most impressive accessories that I've seen on a figure let's take a look and break that down you're gonna have his smallMoisture evaporator.

He's used his CloneWars armor as a top protective layer the straps on tearingreally neat over on the side here he's got a grappling hook and rope and two bandoliers either from and people or a Jawa down here his bedroll these two little leather straps here that drop-down and that's where you are going to attach the two additional lightsabers I'll flip that over so you can see the front you've got two Gabi sticks as well and then there that another part of the armor so Obi-Wan's obviously had run-ins with individuals and seems to be prepared for just about anything he might have to encounter 

I'm gonna attach those lightsabers very carefully and put it on the figure now when you're putting on the lightsabers be very gentle okay that's gonna be it's very thin leather so don't force it to work with it slowly to get those in the qui-gon saberslides in pretty easily what I did with this one here with the Anakin one is actually work my way down starting over the front and then and then just slide down to the wider end I've also moved those straps over the front of the bed roll they'll naturally hang behind it moved them in front because I really want to show them off the last accessory is gonna be his long gun and there is a slot right there any slides right down.

So now we're gonna put this on the figure now in order to get Obi Wan's backpack over them its gonna require a lot of effort and for you to be very gentle with it let's move those arms back take the forearms put those inward as well we want to make that gap as tight as we can kind of doing something a little like so we're gonna then take our straps to slide overI'm gonna put this on the same way you would naturally put on the backpack once you work the straps up there you'll want to futz a little bit with straps on the front as you see there but once it's in place it's really something pretty incredible to behold like that now.

So the last things we're gonna dress him with is the binoculars now you could have those around his neck you could have him holding them or also over here what I'm gonna do is wrap it underneath the shoulder pauldron of this clone war armor let it kind of hang to the side there like so while I've got that there I'm gonna move the arm back open up the robe I'm gonna then attach his lightsaber and then to that back hook I'm going to attach thyroid collar this is what's really amazing about him is all of the little stuff that he comes with we've we'vebeen able to now see some stuff with the Mandalorian and then with the Clone Wars and fill in some of this timeline gaps and what the artists at sideshow have done here is give you even more of that story but actually make you be part of it because this is a timeline we don't know.

We don't know yet at least we might soon there's the sabers and Droid collar put on those macro binoculars I'm going to remove the head and drape them over and that's because I don't want to stretch out that fabric anymore I do like the idea that it can go over the eyes but I don't know that I'll be posing it that way I'm gonna put his foot up that where they've really done something incredible here and that's to let you be the last person in the sculpture of it's a much-beloved statue in the mythos world and now to be able to have part of that is pretty incredible.

Lastly, let'stalk about the articulation and some of the ways in which you compose him first up is that Braun Jedi rope there's not a wire that runs through this but the cowl lays so nicely in just any way you want to do it and I'm actually glad that it doesn't have one I've swapped out one of the hands to kind of have him hold the backpack and that also lets you see that you can articulate that arm in a full bend he does have a little bit of articulation in the torso so be able to turn that very good once in the hip joints than the double-jointed knee so we've already seen the ankle when we took a look a little more closely at the boot he's an absolutely stunning figure.

Let's take a look at that rope from behind where you can see how beaten their holes in it it's torn and tattered it's dirty and worn it's an incredible looking figure and just really allows for a great amount of pose ability for it I think I'll be posing the guy for quite some time Iknow that Terry I'm sure the better poser that I have done an incredible job on this working with it he also was responsible for writing the introduction to the character when it was done in a statue and I'm just gonna read the last little bit that he wrote for it which is the boy is our last hope failed Anakin but I will not fail Luke the son of Skywalker must become a Jedi so there we have it the sideshow 1/6 scale obi-wan Kenobi from the mythos collection an incredible figure incredible detail and incredible stories we get to write for ourselves and that's the fun of it so until next time. 

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