Unveiling the Joker Premium Format Figure by Gobuy1

Hey everyone, Today we are going to be taking a look at The Joker premium format figure. This is from the new line ofDC premium format figures, so, you know, let's just get to it. We have a Lazy Susan here to assist me because this Joker has a lot of parts and a lot of pieces, so I'm gonna have to turn it around to show you guys something, so let's just do it. 

First, we're gonna start with the base. This is a very large, but very sturdy base. It's all in one piece. It has the seal of Gotham on the bottom that is broken. Then we're going to key in...The pogo. The pogo has a very large, rectangular, brass key that you can see right there that keys in the centre, and you just straight in, and it'll key. There you go. Now let's just put together the pogo all in one piece. So, we're gonna start with...The foot pedals that key into the sides, so I'll just do this one on this side right here. And they have tension keys, so you're gonna wanna make sure they're in nice and proper. And then give them another little extra squeeze to make sure they're in all the way. 

After that, you're gonna put in the Joker's chug cup. Right, keys in right there. A little bit magnetized, slightly. I'm gonna take out the honky horn. And set it down. Same with the handlebars.I'm gonna set these down.Because they're going to come into play a little bit later in this process. Now, we're gonna make sure he has his gear shift up here. And that just keys and magnetizes like that. Now here's the tricky part, getting the Joker on himself. He keys in on the pogo seat right here...But please make sure you get the right angle. Because it is a little bit tricky, the Joker sits a little bit back onto his pogo seat. Like that. 

So, first, we're gonna show you with his collector's edition that has his fish hand, his laughing fish gun, right there. That's a very good shot of it right there. And then, here comes the tricky part. We're gonna put on his, his handlebar right there. So we're gonna key that in, like so. It's magnetized. And then, you have to find the magneton the hand right there, like that. And then key it into the base. So, here, let me do that again really quick, while the alter...Sorry, Joker hand.I'm gonna do this again, just so you can see a little bit better.

You're gonna find the magnet. Which angle is better? Is it better if I do it like this? You can find the magnet this way? And then key it in, like this. I think I just blocked it.Anyway.You can put that on, his little honky horn. Give him his laughing gun, his laughing fish gun back. And put on his more modern looking portrait. And this is one way you can assemble the Joker premium format figure. Look at that guy right there. Now, the exclusive edition comes with an alternate portrait and a swap-out hand. 

So first, let's get the candle on the cake, which just magnetizes in like so. Swap out the hands. Then you can swap out the head. And now you have the exclusive edition of the Joker premium format figure. I'm gonna turn him like this, yeah. That's a really great view of him. So there you have it, this is the unboxing of the Joker premium format figure. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to let you geek sideshow.

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