Awesome Tokyo Ghoul Statue! Figurame Collectors!

what is up kids today I've got something cool and special to take a look at this is Figurama Collectors Tokyo Ghoulstatue now this is based on the anime and it depicts the battle between Kaneko vs Yamori. 

 I was first introduced to this piece at winter wonder festival this past February but it only recently became familiar with the anime within like the last month so I'm up to like episode 12 about now and its dope it has a lot of cool action init has a really intriguing story that keeps me enveloped in it I really enjoy it so it follows the main character his name is Kaneki and he is a half-human half-ghoul and he's living in a world where ghouls are living amongst humans and ghouls are kind of like a zombie.
 Most zombies maybe like a bad word but their conscious they're kind of like vampires in a way they feed off of humans but they do not have like fangs or anything like that they look human but when they get angry and turn into the ghoul they actually let your eyes turn black and then they release this thing called the Kagune I think is how it's pronounced and it's basically like they're super moved and each one of them has something a little bit different.

Like I said it's really awesome I'm really into the anime now so I hope to finish that hopefully, you're like in the next month or so I think they're only like season 2 or I don't know I've been watching it on Funimation, it's dull but enough of all that let's get this thing on box and let me show you what it's all about right so the box is very very sturdy this is one of those XM studio-style boxes so it's a nice hard very sturdy box to you got the styrofoam and the strapping and then you also have this tape down the book and excited to be taped down as you can see.
You have the seal right there looks really cool look at that looks beautiful that is really really nice this is what I always liked about Figurama Collectors they give you some really cool stuff with her with their pieces and then you have your certificate of authenticity and shine by Shanab he is the man over at Figurama Collectors all right and I seal there and everything and then you have the instruction manual which is pretty standard pretty elaborate right here, looks like fairly easy to put together.
There we go this is layer one everything is packaged very well, very nice and neat cool right out of here and there is layer two which has the lower part of the base and everything else you need to put it together all rightWhoa there it is altogether the diorama of Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki vs Yamori, this thing is looking really badass like how to say every bit the prototype that I saw at Winter Wonder Festival really superb work so right off the bat.

Let's talk about size because that's gonna be important for you guys who when you display this thing is standing 24 and a half inches tall so you probably about 25 inches worth of space to be able to clear so that way it doesn't hit the top of your shelving depth or let's go with width so width wise you're looking at about 17 and a half 17 and a half inches you might want to have about 18 to 19 inches of width so that you don't hit the sides of your shelf and then depth wise it's not too deep depth  is you're looking at about 13 inches maybe 13 to 14 inches so I think this thing will easily fit in.
No problem really love the paintwork the things that I really like about the statue is the dynamic pose and action that they have going on here the whole storytelling that they have this battle going on between Kaneki and Yamoriwhich is one of the highlights of this anime and it has a lot of cool Easter eggs other things that I have that I like is that it comes with these little pedestals for the optional portraits that come with it so you have the Kaneko portrait where he looks like he's more or less just serious with his one eye you know then you have the real crazed look he looks nuts alright and then you have Yamori in his shielded Kagune, where they Kagune.
 I think it's a kind of Kagune.. Kagune I think it sounds pronounced gotta correct me on that one I think they have it's too similarKaneki. Kagune it's I don't know anyway let me know in the comments how to pronounce it hopefully I got that right anyway so this is his shielded form you know where he's more protected right now the look that I could say is that if you're gonna give me three portraits I wish that it came with three pedestals it's because this looks really dope really really cool all right other cool aspects of this statue is the lighting features that they have inside of the base.

 I think that's done really really badass it shows a couple of different ghouls in there which I think is neat but what I really love is the flickering light on this one end here that's a more horror type of feel to it gives me a little bit of a vibe like that which I think looks fantastic I like that they got the portraits in each one of this bases here and each one of the sections here which I think is really cool other little easter eggs that they have going on here is they have the Jason Voorhees mask so in the anime Yamori is also known as the Jason of the 13 wards.

 I think is what they said or the 20th Ward I can't remember which award but he's known as Jason and it's because he's very brutal and the way he kills people is just you know very vicious so he wears the mask when he goes in to attack somebody and I think that really neat other things too is that they have you know all these things like the blood coming out and I like how they cover the switch for that's the wrong part right here beneath this part here is plate there's the switch right here for your lights so it's hidden very nicely so I think that's really cool and then they got all of these torture devices which Yamori is known for and then they also the torture chair that he was torturing the Kaneki so that's cool.

Another aspect of the thing that I'm not really a fan of is that they put batteries in this I'm not a big fan of batteries it's because of the batteries corrode and it's not something I can really keep in the statue I really would have preferred this to be more of a plug-and-play rather than batteries, so I'm gonna have to pull the batteries back out so that's kind of a downer and another thing too is these little worms they're loose not a huge fan of loose pieces because that you saw in the unboxing part of this they slide all over the place so not really digging that but other than that I think the paint application on this is superb, looks fantastic really like all the shading and colouring they have going on all the way through this piece really awesome.

Look to this entire statue nice texture work in it for such a smaller piece because it's the sixth scale so you know the characters are not that tall but really awesome texts to work throughout that nice look to the entire thing so very very cool statue can't really say anything wrong about this piece other than those things that I told you about so very very cool alright guys so I'm gonna leave you guys with a little bit of a nerdgasm showing you some close-up 4k video of the best looking Tokyo ghoul statue I have ever seen and I've seen quite a few since I went to Japan but that's gonna be about it thanks for joining me and until next time KEEP IT MARVELOUS!

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